You see it all the time on television and in real life crime stories, and it’s a common truth of every type of story “Every villain is the hero of their own story.” Those TV shows that go over crimes don’t just have the killer appear at the time of the murder, but instead go into the killer’s background history, connection to the victim or victims, and the why of the killing.

Reading lizzie borden mystery essays martinsburg or any other true crime piece shows the same thing, and if you want to write a mystery, give the killer a reason to do what he or she does. There are a few easy steps to turning your faceless killer into a character that will have their own story to tell. First, make sure that you understand the victim.

If you don’t have an obvious connection between killer and victim, such as the two being family, the killing being for money etc. Then think about what the victim represents.

lizzie borden mystery essays martinsburg

Sometimes killers have something in their past that makes them kill. Let’s say for example a man was bitten by a horse as a child. So, he sees horses as evil beings and kills their riders, believing them to be the slaves of the evil equines. It sounds a bit silly sure, but that’s how you do it. You could plausibly write a murder story where a jockey or cowboy is killed by a horse hating man, and maybe the horse is the only witness.

That might not be your final draft, but it’s something you can use as a writer to make sure that your villain isn’t just a one-dimensional murderer who just happens to fit the plot. Be creative, and you’ll write criminals who are just as complex as real life.