A Broadway show provides music, fun, and entertainment in massive amounts. They’re popular and some people travel from thousands of miles away to see the shows. But, numerous shows take place on Broadway, making it impossible to see every show. How can you narrow down the choices and pick the best Broadway show for your needs?

What’s Your Mood?

Broadway plays make you laugh, some plays can make you cry, they make you think, and they invoke a variety of other emotions. Before choosing a play, it’s important to decide the type of play that’s in your mood zone and pick accordingly from that genre.

Broadway play reviews

Read Reviews

The web has many Broadway play reviews to read that will help fill you in on the details of the show and how the audience feels. Reviews are posted on many sites and don’t cost a penny to use to your benefit. Take advantage of the offer!

Who’s Going?

The company you keep will also help decide what play you decide to attend. If you’ll bring the kids along, there are many more pieces of information to keep in mind. If you’ll bring your spouse or friends, there are more options.

Ticket Prices

Broadway play ticket prices vary according to the show, the dates, and other actors. Know how much money you can afford to spend for tickets and keep it in mind as you narrow down the play choices.


If you won’t be in town or cannot make it to town on the dates the play you want to see occurs, it isn’t very helpful. Don’t purchase tickets in your time of excitement only to later learn the dates do not suffice your needs. Check out the dates before purchase.