Carols by candlelight, you would have heard that one before. That is to say that you are one of the many who look forward to that time of the year. To get in the spirit of it all. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s a spiritual matter, it’s not all about the glitter and tinsel. Okay, so yes, that’s still going to be important to a lot of you. Nothing wrong with that, so go ahead and enjoy it.

candlelighting poems farmingdale ny

Christmas carols by candlelight, how many times have you been invited. But candlelighting poems farmingdale ny, now that’s got to be something for the books.

Speaking of which, you can relate. You all have humdrum days at work sometimes. No matter how richly rewarding it is, there is always routine. So, you could relate to the online writer who churns out your daily commercial copy.

He would love to take a break from it all and focus a bit more on his great American novel. Or his memoirs. Or his prize-winning poetry. He sighed so many times before. It is not always about the money, and wouldn’t you just love to write.

But reality bites and it is back to the daily business of the bread and butter. It is a valiant soul who gets to produce poetry by the book. Yes, more than enough to put it all in a book. And just so you know, in many parts of the world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to publish poetry in book form.

Sad to be saying it, but the publishers say that there just isn’t a market for it anymore. Now that really is sad, folks. Because what could be more beautiful and inspiring, what could be more romantic than poetry, and under the light of the candle too.