It’s very interesting to look at what younger people are doing when it comes to celebrating their wedding. Not only are they forgoing the traditional wedding gowns and tuxedos, but their venues are even different than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

You see them in all sorts of different places – from barn weddings MN, to weddings on boats, to national parks and private beaches, and everything in between. Why are so many young couples opting for atypical wedding venues? What is their appeal? Here are a few of the reasons young couples may be heading to different wedding venues.

Because They Aren’t Traditional Couples

Couples today look and act a lot different than they did in the past. When you look at millennial couples and those who come after them (who are the people getting married now), they are much more diverse in terms of gender, gender expression, sexuality, culture, race, and everything in between. So, instead of just going with the same old things that couples before them “have always done,” they are making the choice to do something very new. While that sometimes comes out in the ceremony itself, it often is expressed in every part of the wedding, right down to the venue where they’re planning to celebrate. 

Because it Reflects Their Wants and Likes

Weddings are a big deal, and many couples strive to do everything that they can to make it reflect them as a couple. From the readings to the colors and everything in between, people want to have something that they can remember and that they feel reflects who they are. So, of course they are going to want to find a venue that reflects them as a couple. Fewer people are going to church, which means that fewer people are getting married in churches. Some people don’t feel like they fit at the country club or wedding hall – so they find somewhere they do fit.

Because They Are More Affordable

Many of these “out of the ordinary” venues are a lot more affordable than the traditional venues. You can rent out a couple of cabins at a state park for the weekend for a couple of thousand dollars – and that ends up being much more reasonable than the 10 to 15k celebrations of the past. Many couples would rather spend money on their homes, a honeymoon, or investing in their futures. So, they do their best to make their wedding more affordable, starting with the venue.

It’s really interesting to see what’s out there and what people are doing when it comes to wedding venues of all sorts. What is the most interesting wedding venue that you’ve seen in recent years? Do you think that it’s going to continue to change into the future? This is, likely, going to be an interesting trend to watch, so it’s best that people who are interested in wedding trends and what comes with them keep an eye on what’s going on here.